Why Sponsorhello?

Sponsorhello was born because in VLK Studio we wanted to fund open source projects applying a super simple process:

  • Define a budget
  • Select 20 open source projects we're using in our daily jobs
  • Subscribe for a (budget / 20) monthly subscription to these projects
  • We're happy and the world is a better place 🌎

After we started to do it, we thought that every company can do something like this, the budget doesn't matter, can be 20$ per month (so you're giving just 1$ per project) or 100, or 1000, if everyone will give something, the eco-system of projects will grow dramatically.

So we created this website and here you are!

When you don't need Sponsorhello

  • If you (or your company) already know which projects you're using are searching for funding, and you're already funding those projects.
  • If your projects are hosted on Github, in fact, Github already has an amazing tool to see which of your dependencies are searching for funding, check it out here.

Fun fact

The name Sponsorhello was chosen because:

  • It sounds italian (yep, we are from Italy 🍝 🤌 🍕 🇮🇹 )
  • The domain sponsorhello.org was available

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