How it works

With Sponsorhello you can check how many open source projects in your package.json are searching for funding in a couple of seconds.

To use it, you just have to go to the home page (here) and drop a package.json, we will tell you all the projects you're using that are searching for your help and for each of them, all the links to directly fund those project.

If you're already funding some projects, we prepared a badge that you can use to say to the world how much you're kind:


You can place it wherever you want, like in your Github profile or on your website.

To have it, this is the markdown:


How we find the projects

We are using mostly 2 apis, npms api and github graphql api.

After reading your package.json we retrieve from npms details about all the dependencies, peerDependencies and devDependencies you're using; Then, for each of them, we contact npms again to retrieve also the dependencies of your direct packages.

Once we know the libraries you're using, we retrieve thought the github graphql api which of them are searching for funding.

How Sponsorhello works!

Shut out to Excalidraw for the cool drawing

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