Wanna help us?

We will always be grateful to everyone that wants to contribute to this project, if you're thinking about it, you're already one of our favorite person ❤️

If have any suggestion about how we can improve Sponsorhello, please file an issue or open a discussion in our github page.

If you notice a bug or something that is not working as expected, please tell us by reporting a bug here.

If you just like our project and you want to help us improving it, check the open issues here and the open discussions here, if anyone reported a bug or proposed a new feature, those are the places where you can fine them, and if you want to file a pull request it can be great!

Where to focus

The main focus of this project is to raise awareness of the companies to the concept of open source, of course a lot of companies are already aware about it, but there still a lot that needs a little push.

We think that our approach of funding can be applied by every company, for this companies Sponsorhello can be a simple tool to understand which projects they will like to fund.

So if you want to help us, we suggest you to keep in mind this vision.

You can check here the open issues, thank you for your support ❤️

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